Costal cartilage

Up comes the sun
Soon follows the moon
In between is all a blur
I believe I have reached the age of decay
My bones are brittle like the vital organ
concealed inside cupid’s costal coverings
My youth has slowly slipped away
Each day feels a little colder from the inside out
I miss the cartilaginous butterflies in my core
They have slowly turned to bats
who flap rapidly up into my dreams
Then take to them like Gotham city

Listening to Jai Paul-BTSTU

The calm hits when the rain falls
The ground beneath me does not crumble or fall
I remain shapeless and ambiguous
I change like the leaves during fall
flower petals blooming the first day of spring
I am blinking but still blind to moose Bullwinkle
There are rockier obstacles than the wild life
Like this wild life I have been living
The calm hits when the rain falls
The ground beneath me will not crumble or fall


i cant trust you to be there when the sun ascends

i need a daytime warrior, a nighttime king-sized bed

i sank my teeth too quickly to make sure i liked the taste

now im wasting away in your trap

chose to pick and eat the apple too fast

i’m becoming too old to be playing these games

trusting lies is like using kaleidoscope eyes to depict reality

permanence is fleeting. peace isn’t forfeiting its freeing.

communication is the sweetest taste the lips can share

more important than the stories we carry in our hair

i need to properly practice patience starting today

still i’ll be there when you need a friend

and ill continue to wonder to find where the sidewalk ends.

powems peaceful poetry